Why did I delete everything?

When you start blogging you find this love that you knew you had but you never knew just how much love you have for something until you start. You begin to find new friendships and some life long ones. You start to get regular readers and other bloggers who support you and what you do as they had the same passion that you have. You also find that it’s not always easy, it can be very time consuming. So why would anyone delete everything that they had worked up to for 8months? All the following, all the blog posts and all the emotion and every little bit of effort that was put into it. It’s a lot to lose, yet I still did it.


Well at the time it seemed like something I really wanted to do. However when I did it, I was so wrong. I remember the day clearly. The day before things hadn’t been good for me at all and my relationship everything had gone from suddenly being amazing to awful and hanging on by a thread. My life had suddenly seemed to turn into this one big mess, I felt like everything that I did love and adore, I actually didn’t care about anymore. I started selling make-up because I hadn’t used it even though I did love it at one point and knew one day I would use it. I deleted all social media and any apps that I had on my phone. The next four days that followed showed me why I shouldn’t have done any of this, I was in a place where I felt so alone and all my life I had never felt this alone. Living with my partner who I weren’t getting along with at the time didn’t help matters.. it was like a downward spiral and there was no way back.

However, I am now back and better than before I do believe. I have a lot more emotion for my new blog and a lot more love for what I had been doing. Having deleted everything and starting again two weeks later made me realise a lot about blogging. A fresh start means a lot of things: I now have to rebuild the following I once had. My blog currently looks empty and makes me feel like its just incomplete. I’m excited to rebuild everything once again though I do miss everything I once had the connections I had with people. But this is what happens when you make decisions in a minute of madness. So as my blog slowly grows and builds into what I want, you may remember me once again.

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  1. Congratulations on starting over, that can’t have been easy so you should be proud of yourself 😊 I started over with my blog as well at the end of last year. I used to blog ages ago, but it all got overwhelming and I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to get amazing right away. This time around, I’m going about it in a different way and I’m enjoying it MUCH more than I used to. I’m also at a different point in my life, and I think that the blog reflects that. Good luck on your new journey! 😊

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