some e-mails are bad for the bank account…

I received a little e-mail from Make-up Revolution where if I spent £30 or more I would get a mystery bag. I love their make-up so knowing there was a mystery bag caught my attention, I was more than happy to spend money to get that bag due to the fact their make-up has never disappointed me so why not?

The Little Bits:

Revolution Pro Regeneration Palette Trends Celestial (£8.00), Makeup Revolution Blush- Hot (£0.90), Freedom Blush- Rare (£1.00) & Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip- Immunity (£4.00)

Makeup Revolution Amplified Sculpt& Fix (£10.00):

Makeup Revolution Luxe Lip Vault (£25.00 Worth £60.00 Retail):

Free Mystery bag contents :Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour (£4.00), Makeup Revolution Ultra  Cream Contour Kit (£3.50), Makeup Revolution The One Highlight Stick (£5.00),  Freedom Volume Mascara (£), Freedom Pro Lipstick- Juicy Lips (£1.00), Freedom Pro Shade & Brighten Play Kit (£1.25) & I <3 Makeup Lip Lava- Shockwave (£1.50)

Free Mystery Bag Total- £16.25: I couldn’t find the price of the mascara. These prices are all based on current prices (22.04.2018)

I am so excited to try these new bit’s out. Especially the Luxe Lip Vault that is the product which definitely excites me the most!

Have you had some of these email’s where you just can’t help yourself?

Until Next Time,


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