Ralph Bulger: My James

This is undoubtedly a story that tore the nation’s hearts apart. And it still does every time one of the two boys, now adults, are brought back into the news. Little James was brutally murdered at the age of 2 years old by two boys only aged 10 years old. How is that even possible? I question what goes on in an adults mind to be able to commit some of the murders that have happened in this world but what really goes on in a child’s mind to think of such vile things. I am a big part of the nation who firmly believes that these boys shouldn’t have had the easy life that they seem to have been given being back into the world after 8 years. Is that really all little James was worth? I hate it. James was never given the life he should have had, he wasn’t able to grow up and have a life. No one will know what he would have done with his life, what would he have been able to achieve? Yet, at the age of 18 these boys were out in the free world again, yes this may have been on a life-long parole but still they were able to live in the same world as you and I. And what an incorrect decision that was when you see in the news that a few times Jon Venables was sent back into prison for child related crimes!

This book is something that broke my heart in more ways than I thought possible especially after the news of what happened to little James was already heart breaking but to hear his fathers side of it all, just puts everything into perspective. You can already imagine a little what both his parents were going through but never in this world can you imagine the full extent of what has happened to them and how they feel unless you have been through the same or something similar. You read all about the heartbreak of how he blamed himself for what happened to James. Those bittersweet memories he managed to have with James and how he used to call him Ralph when they would play together and how James had to be told it was daddy. He shares his pain during the hours that James was missing and what was going on in his mind. He also shares how he was able to continue with his life without James and how hard it has been for him and how he will suffer heartache for the rest of his life without James by his side.

This book made me cry at so many different points of reading it, it is completely heart-breaking. I could never imagine the heartache, the pain and the frustration of going through something like this. My partner has been though something very similar when his little girls (aged 2 and 4) were murdered and it breaks my heart knowing how much pain he is in and the piece of him he has missing and no one will ever replace it. If I could help all the parents out there who have been through something like this, I would do it in a heartbeat.

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