Quitting my job of 7 years…

When I first started in my job I was just 17 years old and on a part time contract just to earn myself a little bit of money each week and to pay some to my mum and dad for living with them and being out of school/college. This job was only supposed be for a year until I found something better for myself and something I wanted to do. After 1 year on a part time contract I ended up on a full time contract instead of leaving. Then after the second year of being a cashier I ended up being a supervisor. Between 2 and 3 years later I become an assistant manager. 2 years after being an assistant manager I got the opportunities to go around to other sites and help open them up from on company to another, which gave me a lot of experience with other people and more of a managers role than an assistant manager however I was still on an assistant managers pay. I actually really enjoyed this, I enjoyed the travelling that came along with it apart from at rush hour, I hated it at that point.

However 2 days ago I handed in my 2weeks notice due to my Area Manager calling me negative. Why am I negative? This was something I didn’t really agree with and if anyone wants to give their opinion and critisim towards me that’s fine and I will respect that. However this time I really didn’t agree or respect it. I was called this due to when I had been moved to another store to help I wasn’t actually helping I was left to do the managers job with very little help from the manager, so whenever my area manager called I would tell them the truth instead of lying to them about how everything was going. This had caused stress to me due to over working to make sure targets were met, doing more hours that I should have been and then having issues at home because of this. So they had called me negative for never been over the top bubbly on the phone when they called, but would you be after everything that you had done for a manager yet been paid less than them?

Since I was accepted for a managers job with another company I have felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. However at the minute I feel like that weight has been replaced with another one. I’ve been a little bit of a mess due to the fact for the past 7 years I have been working with my mum and this means I am leaving her there. She has been the only reason I had stayed as long as I have done and leaving her just feels wrong even though I know this is right for me and this doesn’t mean I will no longer see her. Starting over does scare me as I knew my last job like the back of my hand and now I’m going to something I know nothing about or anyone who’s there but at the same time it does excite me a little.

Have you ever quit your job which you had for so long and been worried about starting over?

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