How do mother’s do it?

Just what on this earth posses them?

This post comes as I spend some of my days with my partner laid in my arms crying or I watch him sit by himself so withdrawn from everything with that look in his eyes that says something is missing, that something will now be missing for the rest of his life and I can never fill that little hole he has in his heart. My partner is one of the most loving, energetic little joker that everyone needs in their life and when you read the rest of this story you may question how he manages to be like he is today.

So what is the meaning behind the title? And why does my partner have these days? Here’s the story that explains it all:

My partner used to have two gorgeous little girls, one who was 1 year old and another who was 3. I hate how I have to typed used to. But a lot has happened and unfortunately he doesn’t get to live out the rest of his life with those little girls. His ex partner was Italian and he had met her when he lived over there for 12 years of his life, eventually they had their first daughter and work had dried up out there so they had come back to the UK. He found work and a couple of years later along came another daughter for them both. Everything seemed ok. A year later they were on the verge of a break up. So, one morning she decided to call the police and say he had been beating her ( she was body mapped and no evidence was ever found of any beatings.) so they had moved her into a safe house with the children. The police never once tried to arrest him and investigate into her claims yet she was still moved out of the family home. He had no knowledge of this until he got in from work that day. The police refused to tell him where his children were, just that they were ‘safe’ and still never arrested him on the claims he was beating her. In the early hours of the morning without being able to get any sleep he had called the police and tell them he has worries that his children were not safe and their mother had mental health issues that had impacted this worry. They told him that they were safe once again and they wouold check on them in the morning. However the next morning came alone she was supposed to meet him at the nursey the eldest girl was due to attend. She didn’t show up. Instead he had gotten a phone call simply for her to tell him she had killed the girls. He wasn’t sure whether to believe this but the nursery did and called the police. It was true.

Due to the pair close to breaking up she had become delusional that him and his family were planning to take the girls off her for good and that they had planned to kill her. To her killing the girls was a case of if I cant have them, then neither can he. She was of course sent to prison for the murder but had proceed to tell prison staff that the most important thing was that he was suffering.

A mothers love for her child starts as soon as they know that their child is growing inside them and that love is one that shouldn’t ever die. So why is it that some mothers do the most unspeakable things to their child. The very being that the grow in their stomach for nine months, the person that they gave birth too, the person who looks up and them with nothing but love in their eyes. This is the person who would look to them when they are unwell, when they have grown and have troubles in their life they look for their mother to be by their side to help them along. And just when it seems that they have no one in the world they would know that they had their mum.

So why is it this kind of thing happens? I guess we shall truly never know what fully goes on in someone’s head which possesses them to such a thing, because I certainly wouldn’t dream of doing it to someone I hated never mind my own child.

I wanted to share this little story as while most people seem to think that its the fathers that are useless, this shows that all mothers are perfect.

Until next time,


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