Everything is blank..

I have sat here time and time again just staring at the screen, my mind completely blank.

There has been so much that has been going on and I’ve felt a little lost a times. I ended up handing my notice in at my place of work and found myself a new start with a new company. I was stressed and excited with this concept. Then I had to have a meeting with my old regional manager and wow that changed everything that was going to happen. This left me telling the new company I could no longer start for them but thanking them for the opportunity that they were prepared to give me. Ever since then I have been up and down with emotions. I know in my mind it was better for my future to stay with the company I have been with for years as I know I am financially safe and when you have a home and bills to pay for that’s what’s needed. But the other job was a complete new start and I could have made myself safe within the company. I feel everything will work out as it is supposed to but right now I am a little in the middle with everything.

While all this is going on I have found myself taking on a Crime Scene and Forensic Science course, which I have not started at all. I don’t have control over my mind at the minute one minute I am my happy self, the next I feel so sad and down where I just want to be in bed and held by my partner. I feel like there is no one around but him that I can talk to which makes things hard at times as I do wish I had a few people I could speak to about life and the things that go on in my mind. But I do believe I am slowly getting there I will be settling in to my new role

What do you do when your mind is completely blank and your emotions are up and down all the time?

Until Next Time,


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