I would just like to say that anything I will be writing about in my blog will fully be under my own opinion. At no given point will I ever take someone else’s work and try to make it my own, if I ever do use any quote’s or pieces of text from someone else this will be with full permission and all credit will be given to that person.

All photographs taken in this blog will be my own. If they aren’t and I have used another source to get the photograph for my blog, this will be with permission from the photograph owner and will have full credit along side the image in the blog post.


A Little Girl Called Tinkerbell is more than happy to work with small business’ or bigger brands. However, I will only work with the ones who appeal to me and my blog, if your product doesn’t fit in well or I don’t believe that it is something that I think my readers would enjoy to read about, I would have to decline the offer.

If there is ever the time that an opportunity does come up for me it will be notified in the blog title with two ** and at the bottom of the post stating how I come to be reviewing this product.

Also if this was to happen all the opinions will be my own and it will not be influenced by the product or the payment that I maybe getting for that post. When it comes to my readers, just like in life, i am all about honesty. I will not pretend to love a product if I don’t like it. I will be open and honest with my thoughts about a product. However, it will be stated in a post that there are products that may not work well with me but can be the complete opposite for someone else. If I don’t like something that doesn’t mean that someone else will not love it.